Ending Domestic Violence Involves Taking First Step

Domestic Violence

Brandon Allan was the second local man to be sentenced this week for a murder involving a domestic relationship with a history of violence.

Local law enforcement know there are many more potential victims out there and they are trying to reach them before the worst happens.

Brandon Allen - sentenced today - and Robert McConnell who received the death penalty yesterday, share a history with striking and disturbing parallels.

Both had been in stormy relationships with a history of domestic violence. . . . relationships that their girlfriends had difficulty ending until finally they came to the worst possible end.

Allen was convicted of killing his former girlfriend Kellie Parry in 1999 and McConnell kidnapping and raping his former girlfriend and killing her fiance, Brian Pierce, last year.

Both represent a problem that seems to defy solution.

But Distirct Attorney Dick Gammick says a lot has changed in the days since he was a police officer answering domestic disturbance calls.

Help may be much more available, but it still requires the victim taking the first step - calling the police.

Toni Angelini, who handles such cases for the Reno Police Department, says victims still find that difficult.

There's reason behind those fears, but experts say, an abusive relationship only become more so, with any of the dozens being investigated locally at any one time have the potential of ending like this.

If you are in - or know someone in - an abusive relationship, there is support available, including temporary shelter.

Again the first step is to call police.

Local agencies are planning a day long event to increase awareness of domestic violence next month.

Safe and Healthy Homes will be held at Dick Taylor Park, September 28 beginning at 10 a.m.