UNR Prank

Four UNR students say it was a prank. But school officials, ranging from the president on down, aren't so sure.

Over the Labor Day weekend, student Sean Hostmeyer's hands and
legs were bound with duct tape and he was thrown into a sport utility vehicle owned by his brother Jared. Jared Hostmeyer is the Web master for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, which is the student government.

Also involved in the incident were ASUN President Jeff Champagne, ASUN Senator Shane Steinbauer and student Eli Reilly.

They say it was a prank and they all went to a house to eat ribs and watch television.

UNR's Student Judicial Services is investigating whether the incident was a hazing ritual for a new student social club.

The whole thing has been turned over to the Washoe County district attorney's office.

UNR President Milton Glick says there are allegations of a violation of law, which are particularly troublesome because they involve student leaders.

He says the students could face disciplinary measures, including a warning, probation, suspension or expulsion from the university.