Grim Milestone in Iraq

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Grim Milestone in Iraq

In October 83 American service members were killed in Iraq, making it the deadliest month this year, according to ABC News.

The figure tops the previous high of 76 set in April. reports at least 25 Nevadans have been killed in Iraq since the conflict began. The Web site also says of the 25 dead, 16 were under the age of 25.

21-year-old Army Private First Class Phillip "Brandon" Williams of Gardnerville was killed on October 9th by sniper fire in Iraq. Williams was laid to rest in Minden Saturday.

ABC reported that in a recent interview, President Bush said he does not measure success in Iraq by the number of soldiers lost. "I define success or failure as to whether or not the Iraqis will be able to defend themselves. I define success or failure as whether the unity government's making difficult -- the difficult decisions necessary to unite the country," Bush said.

For more casualty numbers from the Iraq conflict, visit The Washington Post's Web site.