BLM Closes Sites Along Walker River

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The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has closed 51 acres of a popular area along the Walker River to campers and vehicles in Lyon County's Wilson Canyon.

BLM acting field office manager Elayn Briggs said day-use activities such as fishing and hiking will still be allowed.

But the closure to camping and off-highway-vehicle use "right down along the river is necessary to prevent further soil erosion, loss of plants and direct impact to water quality," Briggs said.

Camping and off-road use is still permitted outside the impacted stream zone, she said.

Briggs said the area was closed Nov. 20 and will remain off limits until a long-term management plan can be produced.

The BLM began considering closing parts of the canyon after neighbors complained of dust and environmental damage from off-highway vehicles.

Members of Friends of Wilson Canyon, an off-highway enthusiast group, have been working with the bureau and have said they do not oppose the temporary closure as long as the BLM is working on a permanent plan.