Funeral for Phillip Brandon Williams Held

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There was a tremendous community outpouring of support at a memorial service Saturday for a Gardnerville soldier who died in Iraq.

21-year-old Army Private First Class Phillip Brandon Williams was killed by sniper fire in Iraq on October 9th.

The memorial service for Williams began at Douglas High School. Outside the school, people who did not even know Williams waved flags.

"We're mourning the loss of him for his family and just showing support... it's the right thing to do," Sandy Young, who held a flag across the street from the school, said.

Brandon Williams' body was taken by a white hearse to the Eastside Memorial Park located at 1600 Buckeye Road in Minden.

Williams received full military honors before being laid to rest. Brandon's uncle, Brian Williams, said it was evident from the shows of support, the community loves Brandon as much as the family does.

He said: "It is continuing the legacy of pride and respect for America and our troops that are still there."