Halloween Costume Safety Tips

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Costume Safety Tips

Having a safe time trick or treating starts with picking out a safe costume. REMSA, Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority, is offering some safety tips for parents looking for halloween outfits this year.

REMSA says wearing reflective tape and bright colors can help increase visibility.

Alan Tom of REMSA said every halloween kids get injured from tripping and falling. He said to help lessen the risk, make sure costumes are not too long. However, he said parents might want to buy looser costumes, so that warm cloths can fit underneath.

When it comes to masks, REMSA says make sure to buy ones with big eye and breathing holes. If a mask has smaller holes, parents might want cut them into bigger ones.

REMSA also said make sure any halloween makeup is non-toxic. The organization said heavy petroleum-based makeup can causes rashes in kids and adults.

Finally, REMSA said props and accessories should be made of flexible materials that are not sharp or rigid.