Sculpture Removed Out Of Concern For Public

Reno, Nevada
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A spiral sculpture that stands in front of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center has been removed because of safety concerns.

The 55-foot tall Taba Turbine uses wind energy to power artwork inside the building. The $552,000 structure was dedicated in July of last year as part of the center's $105 million expansion and renovation.

Patrick Zentz, the Montana artist who designed the work, said it was damaged by strong winds during a storm last December.

After that, officials discovered the fins on the spherical structure were slapping together and making strange noises.

A new sound was noticed last week and officials found a crack in one of the fins.

The sculpture was taken down Wednesday.

Officials said they don't know how much repairs will cost or who will pay for it.

When working properly, wind spins the Taba Turbine, generating energy and powering a "wind vane" and green laser projected from the ceiling in the convention center lobby. It also powers the striking of 32 tuning forks hanging from the ceiling in another part of the building.

Taba is the Paiute word for sun, Zentz said.