School District Still Short Teachers

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The Washoe County School District is seeing record enrollment numbers this year with over 60,000 students enrolled - and the numbers keep going up.

But, since state lawmakers did not fund education until the middle of July, the district says it's been impossible to hire the hundreds of new teachers needed to keep up with growth.

They started the regular school year yesterday dozens of teachers short.

As of this morning there were 45 positions to fill district-wide.

At Roger Corbett School, classes have been in session since July 28th. We talked to one teacher who was just hired Sunday night.

Jamie Boyd found out at 9:30 Sunday night that he was supposed to report to this 5th grade classroom bright and early Monday morning.

"Minimum you usually have 2 to 3 days to set your classroom up. I had about an hour," Boyd says.

Boyd says the first time he stepped foot in here the walls were bare. And he's been finding out as he goes, that this room isn't well stocked with supplies either.

"I have a very nice teacher next to me. So, when I need something I knock on the door and borrow some things," he says.

School administrators say they only hire the most qualified teachers at Roger Corbett and its taken them some time to select the perfect applicants.

"It's not a job where someone can come in and just babysit. We're not a babysitting school. We're a school that has high academic rigor," says school principal Pat Casarez.

Most of the dozens of positions left to fill in the school district are those "hard to fill" spots, such as English as a Second Language and Special Education.

And, though Boyd's new class has had at least four substitute teachers in the first four weeks of school, he says he's already seeing the influence of his permanent position.

Administrators here at Roger Corbette School still have one and a half positions left to fill. Those are for ESL and Special Ed. But, they do have a few interviews set up for the next couple of days.