Group Plans Recall Against Gov. Guinn

Governor Kenny Guinn
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A statewide group of activists and conservatives angered by Nevada’s record tax increases will notify the Secretary of State’s office Wednesday of their intent to recall Gov. Kenny Guinn.

Members of the Committee to Recall Governor Guinn said Monday they have more than 600 volunteers ready to circulate petitions and collect the more than 128,000 signatures needed to recall the governor.

“Guinn wrote the tax plan. He was the catalyst behind it, and we need to get rid of the catalyst,” said political consultant Tony Dane, one of five members of the group’s steering committee.

The committee is composed of Republicans and members of ultraconservative parties.

Guinn signed a bill that increases state taxes by $836 million over the next two years after two special legislative sessions.

To succeed, the committee will have to obtain signatures from 128,109 voters, or 25 percent of those who cast ballots in the 2002 general election. The state constitution grants 90 days to gather the signatures, with the clock starting the day after the Secretary of State’s office is notified.

If the signatures on recall petitions are verified, the Secretary of State has between 10 and 20 days to call for the election, which must be held within 30 days.

Candidates wishing to place their names on the special election ballot must obtain the same number of signatures required for a recall. Otherwise any vacancy in the governor’s office would be filled by the lieutenant governor.

Guinn spokesman Greg Bortolin said recent polls show the governor, who won a resounding victory in November, remains popular despite the tax increases.

Dane said the recall effort against California Gov. Gray Davis has emboldened the committee.

No statewide recall effort has ever succeeded, and no Nevada governor has ever been the subject of a recall, state Archivist Guy Rocha said.

“Based on historical precedent, the odds of a statewide recall are very slim,” he said.