Video Game Features Violence at School

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Bully Video Game

There's plenty of punching and kicking in the newly released "Bully" video game, which is set at a school.

The game, for Sony PlayStation 2, is rated T, for teens 13 and up. But a Florida judge is reviewing the game and is considering whether its sale should be restricted to those 18 and older. One critic called the game a "Columbine simulator." Click here to link to the game's Web site, where you can view clips of "Bully."

The game was being sold at Game Crazy on North McCarran Boulevard in Reno Tuesday. Some gamers trying out the game in the store said it should have a stricter rating of M, for mature. An M rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board means it is suitable for those 17 and older. A Best Buy representative said that the store "cards" people buying mature rated games, but not typically T rated ones. Click here for more information on game ratings.

"I wouldn't recommend any children buying it, you know, younger than 17, really we can't do anything about it right now just cause it's rated 'teen," Ryan Hussey, a 20-year-old video game player said.

"If parents don't like kids grabbing a fire hydrant and beating the crap out of another kid then, no this game's not for you," Ryan Yates, another game player, said.

Still, some video game players said there are far worse games than "Bully." They said some games even feature sex scenes.

According to the Associated Press, "Bully" was created by the company known for the game "Grand Theft Auto."