Missing Woman Trail Grows Cold

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Yesterday the Carson City Sheriff's Office was getting a lot of leads. They even had the name of someone they thought was involved.

But today, there's still no break in the case.

And the investigators themselves are surprised they haven't been able to make more progress. At one point late last night it seemed possible they had seen the man - Juan Carlos - they had been looking for.

But the man they located in Reno has been cleared . . . so they are left with the same puzzling set of facts they had at the case's beginning.

Those facts appear to be as follows . . .

Thirty-three-year-old Bertha Anguiano was seen talking with a man at Empire Elementary School Monday morning. Its believed he may be the third man in a love triangle that was straining her marriage.

Her three-year-old son was with her at the time and he was found an hour and a half later at a supermarket miles away in Dayton. He was asking for his mother and in later interviews said she was dead.

But a lot of the other things the boy told investiagtors have since been confirmed by other sources, including the presence of a man named Juan Carlos who may own a blue pick-up.

Investigators are still trying to identify him.

In the meantime, search and rescue teams are combing the area around Dayton and Carson City looking for any trace of Bertha Anguiano.

So far they too have come up empty, in a case that's baffling veteran investigators.