Carter and Ensign Debate in Las Vegas

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US Senate candidates Jack Carter (D) and John Ensign (R) debated before a television audience in Las Vegas Sunday.

Ensign spoke of his record, while Carter criticized President Bush. Ensign said he brought millions of dollars to Nevada's schools. Carter said: "This is the last chance that we have to get rid of this administration and the people who work for them."

Carter said Ensign voted with the President 96 percent of the time. Ensign said even Democrats often vote with the President.

Issues discussed Sunday included: nuclear waste disposal, the environment, health care and national security. The candidates also debated the President's wiretapping program.

Ensign said: "We have stopped five specific terrorist attacks on the United States by using this surveillance system, I think we need to put the safety of the American people first."

Carter said: "When it does come out he (Bush) has made this particular change in the law without ever having debated in the congress, that is an outrage it is a constitutional outrage and you need to be aware of it."

There will be two more debates between Carter and Ensign. The first will be recorded for television on October 19th. The other will take place at Reno City Hall at 7 p.m. on October 23rd.