Concert for Africa Aid

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Concert for Africa Aid
Some University of Nevada Reno students are trying to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty in Africa. Students from the Progressive Organization Council and a UNR alum who traveled to Africa put on a concert to raise donations at the Manzanita Bowl Sunday.

The event was called "From Reno to Africa." Organizers hoped to raise $5,000 to send to areas of Africa stricken by severe drought. Some of the aid will go to people in Malawi. $800 had been raised by the early afternoon Sunday. A final total was not available at deadline.

Aaron Fetty, who went to Africa as a Peace Corp. volunteer, said many he wants to help are subsistence farmers. "If their crops are not growing, they have to rely on whatever food they can find, sometimes they're foraging for, you know, wild plants and stuff to eat," he said.

Organizers of the concert said they hope the concert helped raise awareness of poverty issues in Africa. "A lot of people are aware there are problems over there, but they're not aware that they can do anything about it," Fetty said.