Nevada Gas Prices Continue To Drop

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The average price for a gallon of gasoline in Nevada dropped another 6 cents the past month - down about a quarter from September - but still is significantly higher than a year ago.

The average price for a gallon of unleaded, self-serve gas in Nevada is now $1.68, AAA Nevada said Wednesday.

It's averaging a penny more than that in Reno and Sparks. Carson City reports the cheapest gas at $1.65. In Las Vegas, it's $1.66 and Elko $1.68 - a nickel more than that northeast Nevada city reported a month ago, AAA Nevada said.

The average price statewide last month was $1.74. The new monthly averages represent reductions of 7 cents in Reno, 5 cents in Las Vegas and 3 cents in Carson City.

"Prices have declined due to the typical fall decrease in demand, in addition to an increase in gas inventories," AAA spokeswoman Lisa Foster said.

The price in Nevada hit an all-time high in March when the average reached $2.03 per gallon. Nevada's average last year at this time was $1.50.

The national average currently is $1.50, down 7 cents from last month.

Other regional prices include: Los Angeles, $1.71; Phoenix, $1.58; Salt Lake City, $1.58; San Francisco, $1.88; and St. George, Utah, $1.64.

"If production remains steady and no significant distribution problems occur, prices may be stabilized for awhile," Foster said.

"Many Nevadans drive long distances to visit friends and family at Thanksgiving, and a decrease this significant means substantial savings to those motorists," she said.