WMD Training in Carson City

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Emergency officials rushed to a warehouse in Carson City Thursday morning. They are told a security guard at the warehouse has become sick an no one knows why -- but it is all just a training exercise.

Thursday's training was organized by the Nevada Department of Public Safety to help emergency responders prepare for a terrorist incident involving weapons of mass destruction, or WMDs.

According to the department, the training involved using devices to locate harmful materials in the warehouse and taking samples. "The sample indicated the presence of a nerve agent (Sarin) resulting in the call-out for the Quad County Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Team...," a department news release stated. Crews were also to discover a simulated bomb in the warehouse.

Dan Burns, Southern Nevada Regional Manager for the Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management, said participants in the exercise practice a variety of skills. "Handling the materials, you know, how do we communicate with each other? Who does what? Where should we go? Can this group talk to that group? You discover all those things at exercises like this," Burns said.