Washoe County Voting

Election Day is still most of a month off, but there's a lot happening before we get there. They will be working some long hours at the voter registrar's office over the next few days. Tuesday is the deadline to register to vote, but now there's only one place left you can do it and that's the registrar's office.

Meanwhile across town a bulk mailing firm is getting sample ballots ready for mailing. You'll be seeing these ballots in your mail box early next week. If you don't see it by Thursday of next week that's an indication something may be amiss.

These sample ballots not only outline your choices. They'll tell you where to show up on election day, which may be different than where you've voted before. A number of polling places have changed and that caused some confusion during the primary. So, while you're scanning the races and ballot questions, be sure to check the back page to see where you should be voting.

Finally, an increasing number of us aren't waiting until election day to make our choices, we're taking advantage of early voting, and that starts on Saturday the 21st at 27 different locations around the county. To get a fix on them, to check your status as a registered voter or answer any other question you may havecall the voter registrar's office or go to their website.