Army Recruitment Up

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The Army is reporting its beat its goal of signing up 80,000 new recruits this year. Last year the army did not meet its recruitment goal, falling short "by the widest margin since 1979," according to the Associated Press.

The increased recruitment comes after the Army decided to allow a greater percentage of recruits "to score below a certain aptitude level," the AP reported.

Sgt. Christopher Breuer, a recruiter for the Army National Guard in Nevada, said most who want to serve pass the required test. However, he said changing the maximum age someone can join from before their 36th birthday to before their 42nd has had an impact.

"I'd get a lot of calls from people that said: 'hey, you know, hey I'd like to join,' and unfortunately I had to turn them away. They met everything else but they just didn't meet the age criteria," Breuer said.

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