Higgs Update

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New details in the Kathy Augustine murder case, the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that the State Controller told a friend she regretted her marriage, and was ready to divorce Chaz Higgs.

According to the newspaper, Augustine told her friend, Sherry Dilley, that her marriage to Higgs was a "big mistake" just weeks before her death.

Augustine was comforting Dilly after the death of her husband, and told Dilly that she would be lonely but not to listen to someone say they can take care of you.

Augustine's married Higgs just three weeks after her husband, Charles, died in August 2003. Higgs had been Charles' nurse in the hospital.

Chaz Higgs was arrested for the murder of Augustine in July for injecting her with a paralyzing drug that led to her death.

Higgs will be extradited from a Virginia Jail back to Reno early this week.

Clark County authorities are also preparing to exhume Charles Augustines body this week as investigators look into the possibility that Higgs might have killed Charles by poisoning him using the same drug.