Firebomb Suspects Sentenced To Prison

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Two men who got into a dispute over a bar tab at TGI Friday's in Reno face prison time for trying to destroy the restaurant with a high-proof Molotov cocktail.

Christopher Hallmark, 23, Reno, was accused of sticking a towel in a partially drunk bottle of rum, lighting it like a wick and throwing the bottle through a restaurant window in February.

A U.S. District court jury found him guilty in August of attempting to damage and destroy the building with explosive materials and he was sentenced on Thursday to 5 years in prison.

A co-defendant, Robert Rudeen, 25, of Reno, pleaded guilty in August and received a 37-month sentence Thursday in U.S. District Court.

Hallmark, Rudeen and others had been drinking at the restaurant on Feb. 10 before they got into a dispute over the bill, the government charged.

They went to a nearby pizza parlor where they continued to drink before purchasing a bottle of 151-proof rum. They drank part of it, then returned to TGI Friday's.

One of them threw a rock, breaking a window of the restaurant, which still was occupied, but the lighted bottle failed to ignite the building.