Law Enforcement Dogs Train in Reno

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Law enforcement dogs from throughout Nevada and California underwent training at the now-closed River Inn in Western Reno Friday. Training consultant Bill Schroeder said fifteen dogs were being trained.

One dog was trained in explosive detection and will work with the San Francisco Police Department. That dog, Pyro, sniffed a row of three boxes and sat down when he detected black powder.

Dogs also worked with an agitation sleeve, a padded device worn on the arm, which an official said helps them learn how to take-down suspects.

Officials also trained dogs to find drugs, such as marijuana. But Schroeder said bomb-sniffing training is the most extensive.

"A drug dog can miss a drug while they're searching... that can happen, but we don't want the explosive detector dogs to miss a potential explosive device," Schroeder said.

A drug dog scratched and pawed as an alert when finding contraband. However, explosive detection dogs were trained to sit or lye down. Schroeder said drugs do not normally present an "immanent danger."

Authorities said there are two dogs with explosive detection training at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport.