Ballot Question WC-1

As a community grows, so does the demand for services. Along with education, the most basic service expected of government is public safety, police and fire. Question WC-1 asks the voters to approve an additional quarter of one percent to the local sales tax.

The money would be divided among the local governments. 40 percent each going to Reno and Washoe County and 20 percent to Sparks. The question is advisory only, but, if passed, would send the county commissioners to the 2007 legislature with a clear mandate from the people to seek authorization for the tax override.

Here's how the local governments say they might spend the money.
Reno would hire 18 more police officers, 15 more firefighters and would use the money to decentralize the police department, replacing the current downtown police station with 3 new regional stations

The bottom line to you is Washoe County's sales tax would rise to 7.625%, an additional $25 dollars for each $10-thousand you spend.

For more information on this ballot question please visit Washoe County's website.