Wingfield Towers Project Moves Forward

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A new development could soon claim the title as Reno's tallest building. The City of Reno Planning Commission has recommended approval of the Wingfield Towers project. The applicant is Consolidated Pacific Development.

One of the Wingfield towers would be 40 stories tall; the other 28 stories. The structure would feature 499 residential units and office, retail, and dining space. It would be located at a lot near Arlington and Island Avenues.

One of the project's highlights would be an elevated pedestrian plaza with water features and outdoor entertainment. Visit for pictures of the proposed development.

Terri Hendry, Public Information Program Manager for the City of Reno, said: "The developer said last night that he envisions teachers, police officers, firefighters, those sorts of individuals being able to afford this type of housing."

But Harriett Packer, a resident of nearby Park Towers Condominiums, said she's concerned about more traffic being created from the project.

"Island is a mess now, where they gonna put all the traffic? Court Street can't handle it," Packer said.

Ben Kieckhefer, a Wingfield consultant, said the development includes plans for a parking garage with several entrances.

"The construction phase... is over several years, but we're hoping to break ground sooner rather than later," Kieckhefer said.

A news release from the city stated the commission's decision is final and will not go before the Reno City Council, unless someone appeals it.

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