Congressional Ties

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Nevada Democrats say Congressional candidate, Dean Heller, is tied to former Reno radio host Eddie Floyd.

Floyd was indicted earlier this year, on marijuana and money laundering charges. At the center of this controversy is a race car.

Democrats say it belonged to Heller, and was seized by drug enforcement part of their on-going case against Floyd.

They say the evidence shows...Floyd and Heller's relationship was much more than just appearing on a radio talk show once a month.

Each month, the Wall Street Journal publishes the forfeiture of seized property in United States District Court.

A listing, last June, caught the attention of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It showed Dean Heller's name, and next to it...a 2004 IMCA Modified race car, similar to this one.

But, Heller says "it's *not his car. It's Josh's car. He says Josh called to ask if he could store it, so he did him a favor."

Joshua Floyd, and his father, Eddie Floyd, have been indicted...on eighteen counts of money laundering, and two counts of conspiracy to grow and sell marijuana.

Heller says when he would appear on Eddie Floyd's radio show, "Nevada Matters," he talked about his love of racing...and he says Floyd's son wanted to know how he could get started.

Floyd says their relationship was strictly professional. He told me "it's a shame the Democratic party is dragging his name through the mud. But, it's even more sad and unfair to drag Dean's because he was on the show. Floyd added, "Heller is the nicest man he's ever met."

But, according to the state Democratic party, "the D-C-C-C has raised legitimate questions about Dean Heller's associations with Eddie Floyd.

Officials went onto say "Dean and Eddie Floyd were not casual friends. They allege he accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from Floyd's wife."

A claim Floyd vehemently denies. He told me politicians appeared on his show every week...he says it just so happens Heller's running this year for Congress.

Floyd says he's *not implying there's a conspiracy going on to help Heller's opponent, Jill Derby.

But, he adds it's interesting...that Washoe County's top democratic leaders also appeared on his talk show...and their names aren't being dragged through the mud for knowing him.