School Lockdown

Classes are expected to be back to normal today at Silver Stage High School in Silver Springs.

That's one day after a note entitled "Ultimate Hit List" and naming 51 people as the targets prompted school and law enforcement officials to lock down the school between Carson City and Fallon for nearly six hours.

Lyon County Sheriff's Captain Allen Veil says no weapons were found during the search, and investigators have not determined who was responsible for the handwritten note.

Written on lined-notebook paper in at least two distinct handwritings, the dates October 4-12, 2006 were at the top of the paper with a time of 11:11am. Below the header "Ultimate Hit List," was the statement, "These will die." The names of 40 students and eleven staff members of the high school were then listed.

Investigators spent the day interviewing the 29 students in the classroom where the note was discovered and some students named in the note. Officers also began comparing the handwritings found in
the message to handwriting samples of students who use the classroom. Veil said samples which closely resemble the note will
be turned over to the Washoe County Crime Lab for handwriting