Reno Direct There To Help You

City of Reno, Nevada
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If you live in Reno, you should know a new phone number: It's called "Reno Direct."

If you need service or just have a question, it gives you one place to call or e-mail.

City officials unveiled the new system today at City Hall. Mayor Bob Cashell said it would address a longstanding problem of city government being slow to respond to the needs of the people.

City Manager Charles McNeely said it will also help keep track of how well the city handles requests.

"We'll have that data collected so that in the year we can take a look and say, 'Gee, do we have a problem over here?'," McNeely says. "That perhaps we maybe need to allocate more police officers or more code enforcement officers."

The phone number for Reno Direct is 334-2099.

You can also reach it on the internet. The direct link is:

Or you may go the links area on this Web site where we have set up a link directly to Reno Direct.