Anti-Bush Demonstrators Call for Change

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More than 50 people demonstrated against President Bush near the Mercury Air Center, where the president spoke Monday. Bush was in Reno to express support for Republican 2nd district congressional candidate Dean Heller.

Democrats and peace activists stood at the corner of South Edison Way and South Rock Boulevard, holding signs and shouting for change.

Some signs stated: "Heller -- No!!, Derby -- Yes," "Vote for Change," and "War criminal, W=wrong, Worst president ever."

One man wearing a George W. Bush mask, offered people the opportunity to be photographed with him for 21 cents. It cost $2,100 to have your picture taken with the real president during the event.

Pam duPre, executive director for the Washoe Democratic Party, was at the "Rally for a New Direction." duPre said: "Dean Heller has himself said that he agrees with George Bush that we ought to stay the course... in all kinds of areas, and the vast majority of Americans have seen for themselves that staying the course in Iraq is not a strategy -- certainly isn't a strategy for victory."

Some urged support for Heller's Democratic opponent, Jill Derby.

"Jill Derby's a Nevadan, she's lived here for a long time, she served in Nevada. Dean Heller, on the other hand, has too many ties to President Bush... as we can see by Bush's visit here today to Dean Heller -- obviously they get along" Howard Knudsen, who attended the demonstration, said.

Jill Derby's Web site addresses the war in Iraq; it states: "My plan is to establish benchmarks so we know whether or not we're making progress. Currently, we have no way of knowing what success in Iraq looks like, which makes it impossible to know when we've achieved some stability and can bring our troops home."

According to a media advisory from duPre, "we are spending $2 billion a week in Iraq only to see a rise in terrorist threats against Americans."