Heller Fundraiser a Success

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The President's visit last night raised $325,000 for Dean Heller. Bush arrived in Nevada Monday to campaign in a conservative congressional district long held by the GOP and was met with noisy protests from Democrats who think this is the year for reversing the trend.

About 100 protesters rallied near the Mercury Air Center at
Reno-Tahoe International Airport where Bush arrived shortly after
four-30. He left about two hours later.

Bush told the party faithful he's looking forward to working
with Heller. As he put it, "We share our priorities -- our faith,
our family and our country." And he added, "Obviously, our
administration considers this an important race."

Heller is running against Democrat Jill Derby, an 18-year
veteran of the state board of regents, for the seat being left open
by five-term Republican Congressman Jim Gibbons' bid for governor.

Washoe County Democratic Party Executive Director Pam duPre
calls the visit an indication of how desperate the Republicans have gotten to try to hang onto a seat that just a year ago was considered a slam dunk for the Republicans.

Republicans have held the seat since it was created 25 years ago
to represent nearly the entire state except for Las Vegas.
Republicans hold an edge of more than 47-thousand mostly rural
voters, but polls make it a close race.