Nevada Granted More for Homeland Security

Homeland Security
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Nevada's newest federal funding allocation for homeland security is more than 40 percent more than the last allotment.

More than $26.5 million has been allocated to Nevada by the Office of Domestic Preparedness, up from the $17.9 million released to the state last fiscal year.

"It sounds like maybe we are making some headway with the people in Washington, and they are starting to hear what we have to say," said Jerry Bussell, chairman of the state Homeland Security Commission.

Bussell, Clark County Sheriff Bill Young and other officials have complained that Nevada has been shortchanged on homeland security funding and that Las Vegas' tourist population - some 250,000 people on any given day - hadn't been taken into account in calculating the funding.

Las Vegas was left off a list of 30 cities to share in $500 million in anti-terrorism money last year, resulting in Nevada's congressional delegation pushing to have tourism taken into account in future fund disbursements.

The new grant brings the total homeland security funding allocated to Nevada by the Office of Domestic Preparedness and the Federal Emergency Management Agency since Sept. 11, 2001, to more than $56.5 million.

The new money will be made available to first responders and agencies through the state Office of Emergency Management, and the State Homeland Security Commission will have a say in the disbursement of the funds.