Your Neigborhood:

In April News Channel 8 launched a series called Your Neighborhood. The goal is to showcase an area of town to tell its rich history, highlight the things and people that makes the neighborhood unique, and to give insight to what the future holds. Join Ed Pearce and Kara Tsuboi as they explore Your Neighborhood.

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Westfield Village:

Westfield Village

Westfield Village Crime


Historic Sparks

Old Sparks

Sparks Police

Prowning's Addition:

Powning's Addition

Ridge House

Riverwalk Patrol

Sun Valley:

Sun Valley

Gepford Park

Sun Valley Patrol



Verdi Inn

Washoe Valley:

Washoe Valley

Kite Boarding

Hidden Valley:

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Round Table

South Wells Ave:

Exploring South Wells Ave

Kings Ranch Market

Round Table Discussion

Overcoming Challenges