Radio Ads to Warn Youths about Meth

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The Reno City Council is hoping youths hear more than just music next time they listen to the radio.

The Council approved initial funding for a radio ad campaign warning young adults about the dangers of methamphetamine Wednesday.

Sarah Mills, an addiction counselor at Bristlecone Family Resources in Reno, said meth has serious consequences.

"People so quickly lose so much, you know, their jobs, their homes, their families... It just consumes them for some reason with this drug, it just consumes their lives," Mills said.

Reno City Council-Member Jessica Sferrazza said: "A lot of our teens in a recent survey had said that they had tried meth and we don't want that to happen."

An administrator at Bristlecone said she estimates 65 percent of clients have at least experimented with meth.

A Reno Police Department news release said if the radio ads prove effective, television ads could follow in spring.

Mills said the ads are an important to educate the public. "I can't imagine... not trying to do preventative services, catching everything after they've already started makes it that much harder to help them," she said.