Man Arrested on Stolen Motorized Bar Stool

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Reno police are investigating the case of a burgled bar stool.

It started Monday when an officer saw a man riding the motorized bar stool at 35 mph on Kietzke Lane _ one of Reno's busier streets. He was being followed closely by a woman in a Mustang.

Both driver and rider were pulled over.

The woman told police she had been on the phone with a dispatcher reporting the barstool stolen.

The owner of the bar stool, taken from nearby Sparks, confirmed that the stool, powered by a small engine, had been taken three weeks earlier, but he had not reported it.

Jarrett Orcutt, 22, said he had bought it a little over a week ago, thinking it was a toy and added that he had driven it between Reno and Sparks several times. Police estimate its value at more than $1,000.

Orcutt faces Reno charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of stolen property and numerous traffic violations.

Sparks police are handling the stolen vehicle report.