Hot August Night Sold Out for 2004

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Hot August Nights is a sell-out for next year. All the cars for the 2004 event are already registered.

We present a wrap-up of this year's celebration . . . and a preview of what we can expect to see next year.

The early sell-out is good news for the organizers - but bad news if you're trying to show your car next year.

If you're a local entering the event, or from out town, expect to be on a waiting list.

Those who tried to sign-up for Hot August Nights early this morning found out the event is already sold-out.

Tom Gardner got up bright and early, only to find out, he's on the waiting list to enter his car in Hot August Nights.

"I'm not disappointed. I'm not surprised," Gardner says. The event is getting bigger and more popular. I need to get in my entry right away."

As of Sunday, 5,000 people had already signed up for next year's event.

Dave Saville\Event Director]
"This is a first for Hot August Nights," says HAN Executive Director Dave Saville. "Last year we didn't sell out til January and before that May."

This year, the event enjoyed one of its largest crowds ever for the annual parade. - and organizers say hotels reported sell-outs starting Wednesday.

However, the impact to the local economy won't be known for some time.

"It's going to take a month or so to determine how many people were in town," Saville says.

Reno police say it was much quieter than in years past.

A rundown of arrests during the week related to HAN shows mostly misdemeanors.

There were seven felony arrests, mostly drug charges.

And, more than a hundred or so people had to be taken into custody because they were too intoxicated to take care of themselves.

But overall, police say the voluntary effort by downtown liquor stores to stop selling alcohol after 8 o'clock was the biggest key.

"You control hard liquor stores on the street - you control the crowds," says Assistant Chief Jim Weston.

An estimated 250,000 people participated in Hot August Nights this year, proving once again it's an event for the whole family.

A new addition to this year, Truckerfest, proved to be entertaining and helpful to police.

Authorities say it took away the younger "party" atmosphere from in years past, after the events. Many of teenagers, that caused problems, left early because they didn't like the big trucks.