Gibbons not Talking with Guinn

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Outgoing Republican Governor Guinn says he's met with the Democratic nominee for his job to discuss Nevada's next budget but the GOP nominee, Congressman Jim Gibbons, hasn't shown up for what Guinn considers a critical spending-plan discussion.
The term-limited incumbent, who met earlier with Gibbons'
Democratic opponent, state Senator Dina Titus, says that if
necessary he'll show up at the 2007 Legislature with his own
version of the state spending plan for the next two fiscal years.
"I'd hate to go there and have to do it, but I will do it if I don't get some kind of communications that would direct me."
"If someone doesn't want to sit down and go over the
budget, that's fine with me. I'll build a budget."
Gibbons campaign manager Robert Uithoven says that Gibbons hopes to meet with Guinn next week for a discussion of the state's next
budget and any other issues. “I’m really looking forward to sitting down with Governor Guinn and going over the details of the budget. Congress is scheduled to adjourn this weekend, and if that holds, we’ll be able to have our meeting next week.”
Uithoven says that Gibbons has been stretched for time because
the House still is in session and he's also on the campaign trail.