Washoe Co. School Enrollment Up

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Some students at Reed High School in Sparks say hallways at the school are crowded.

"The halls are so crowded and we have less time to get to class so you run -- the harder you push, the faster you go," Justin Anderson, a Reed High School student, said.

The Washoe County School District reported on Monday enrollment is up 654 students from last year's count.

The 2005-2006 official enrollment was 62,390 students, compared to a count on Friday, September 22 of 63,044 students, a news release stated.

However, Kendyl Depoali, superintendent for public policy for the district, said the district receives about $4,600 in state funding per-pupil. The enrollment increase represents more than $2 million in funds, she said.

Depoali said the funds will be used to hire about 25 new teachers. "That's really across the grade levels... from elementary through high school," she said.

Reed High School principal Mary Vesco said she expects two more teachers to be hired at her school. Some Reed High students will have to change teachers to reduce class sizes, Vesco said. She said some classes have nearly 40 students.

"I'd be disappointed because I like my teachers, they've helped me out -- I wouldn't want a new teacher," Kylee Eaton, a Reed High School junior, said.

"...we should be able to level-out all of our classes within two weeks," Vesco said.

The enrollment report must be audited by the Nevada Department of Education to become official, according to the district's news release.