Drivers Show Off At Trucker Fest

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Hot August Nights isn't the only event going on in town.

Hundreds of big rigs are also packing the streets for Trucker Fest.

Before you get on the open road to check them out. . . . we have some tips about driving next to the oversized vehicles.

People are coming from all over the nation to show off their big rigs at the Alamo station for Trucker Fest 2003.

Trucker Donnie Harper has spent the past several years getting his rig in mint condition for the show. "We came to the truck show to show everybody our truck," he says.

The Harpers drove all the way from their home state of Kentucky. Donnie says on the road trip he encountered some awful drivers.

"You don't go through any major city where you don't have a close call," Donnie says.

Many truckers we spoke with say it's a regular occurance. Drivers cutting them off, tailgating, and not giving them enough space on the roads.

That's why the Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Nevada Higtway Patrol has launched a campaign to teach motorists to avoid the no zone . . . which is the truck drivers blind spots.

NHP officers say the best advice is be cautious and courteous. "Give the trucks some space out on the road," says Trooper Michael Gamberg.

Says Ray Roach of the Nevada Transportation Association: "Our ultimate goal is to save a life."

According to NHP more than 70 percent of crashes involving passenger vehicles and large trucks are the fault of the driver of the car.

With thousands of big rigs on Nevada roads everyday - and even more during Trucker Fest - NHP officers say all motorists need to learn share the roads safely.