Americans Hanging Up On Telemarketers

Telemarketing Crackdown
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Americans are hanging up on telemarketers!

Thirty million people have signed up for the federal "Do Not Call" list since it opened in June and the latest numbers show Nevadans are joining big too.

About a fifth of the state's residential lines are registered, which translates to almost 300,000 Nevadans who are saying bye-bye to telemarketers.

It's great news for those who think the calls are a nuisance.

But those in the telemarketing industry will see some big changes in the way they do business.

"they're very annoying"

"they just push too much"

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"It's a pain in the butt. Yyou go home - you don't expect to be bothered and people are always trying to sell you something," says Derek Noble of Reno.

It's no surprise we love to hate those calls from telemarketers.

The multi-billion dollar industry employs thousands of people, but come October 1st when the national do not call list takes effect, expect companies to downsize as business is cut.

"They're gonna have to scrub their lists against the do not call list and some campaigns will have to be scrubbed completely, so there will be a reduction in business and the workforce," says Kent Steglich.

Local telemarketing veteran Kent Steglich says calling companies will be down . . . but not out. "For example, if you already have a business relationship with them, they're not prohibited from calling you," he says.

Steglich says a lot of companies will shift their focus from outgoing calls to incoming services . . . instead of calling to sell a product, they'll contract with more businesses to take orders.

Not a surprise to telemarketing targets.

"They'll find something else to do," says one.

"I don't think this business is good- I'll definitely put my name on the list," Danny Starks, a former telemarketer.

And the federal list might not be the end of it.

Nevada lawmakers have until January first to consider a state do-not-call registry.

They're waiting to see if the national one is good enough.

And a pretty good incentive for telemarketers to stop dialing . . . for every call they make to someone on the do not call list, they could be fined $11,000 dollars.

You can sign up online by going to our "links" page for a link to the federal web site.

Or you can call 888-382-1222

There is no deadline for signing up on the do not call list.