Hobby Now Hot August Nights Tradition

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What's a hot August Night celebration without a poodle skirt?

One local woman has dedicated the past 12 years to making sure you have the authentic 50's look before you twist and shout the night away.

Everywhere you look in Donna Stolla's Reno home you see poodle skirts. "Crazy! It's really crazy!" she exclaims.

For the past several weeks she has been slammed with orders. "I have had from a toddler two to a size 46-48 waist. Everyone is buying them."

The home business started more than a decade ago when Donna and her family were shopping for Hot August Nights outfits.

"I was in one of the stores and saw a rack of poodle skirts and they weren’t made very well."

So that's when she decided she could do a better job herself. And she's been at it ever since.

Donna's says thousands of the colorful skirts have been sold in the past several years and the demand grown so much many different stores throughout the area now carry her clothing line.

"It just started happening and word started getting around," she said.

And Donna has kept up with the demands.

Soon her customers wanted more than just skirts - they wanted matching shirts, complete with saddle shoes, and bobby socks.

What started as just a hobby, many say is fast becoming a Hot August Nights tradition.

For more information on Donna's business check out her Web site, it's www.poodleskirtsbyDonna.com.