Doughboys Donuts Grand Opening

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Are you considering a sweet treat for breakfast? There's a new business in Reno you may want to stop and check out. What could be better first thing in the morning than donuts and coffee. Doughboys Donuts on Damonte Ranch Parkway had a soft opening last week, but is gearing up for a grand opening this weekend.

Owner Jay Kenny says being family owned in a small community where the community rally’s together really helps small businesses out. Kenny has a sweet spot, and not just for donuts, but for Reno. He played baseball for the Wolf Pack. That's what brought him back to Reno after 28 years in the donut business in Southern California. Kenny wanted to give back to the community that first supported him.

Already Doughboys is finding it' niche in Reno. Its signature donut, the Wolf Pack Paw, is a cross between a bear claw and a chocolate chip donut. Kenny says, even during tough economic times, the donut business is thriving. His only challenge is figuring out how many donuts to make in the morning. "It's been a great turnout and the community is really helping us out."

If you want to get your hands on a delicious donut for free, come to Doughboys grand opening this weekend.