How Would You Rate Your Grocery Store?

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In a study by Consumer Reports, grocery stores from coast-to-coast were rated on their prices, checkout speed, service, and cleanliness.

Of the 52 stores rated, the number one chain on the list is right here in Northern Nevada . . . Raleys.

Today I looked at how that supermarket chain topped the list.

"Our customers come to us with high expectations and we work hard everyday of the week on it," says Raley's foord service supervisor Joe Mowery.

For the third year in a row the supermarket chain has taken home top honors. That's according to 25,000 people who were surveyed about their favorite markets.

Customers here at Raley's say there's more to a grocery store than just apples and oranges . . . they say customer service is key.

"The people here are so nice - the manager, Karen, Carolina, they are terrific," said local shopper Irene Curtissoz.

Managers say the way local customers have shown their vote is by opening their checkbooks.

One said she had been shopping at Raley's since they opened.

And so have thousands of other people . . . whether it's at Raley's or their other stores like Bel Air Market, Nob Hill Foods, or Food Source.

While Raley's topped the list, 52 other stores were also listed by Consumer Reports.

Here's a look at the local competition . . .

# 14 - Safeway
# 25 - Wal Mart
# 30 - Albertson's
#40 - Smiths
# 47 - Trader Joe's
# 50 - Costco
# 51 - Sam's Club

Managers at Raley's say they are going to keep up what they've been doing because according to customers it seems to be working. "This is my main place. This is my home away from home," says one.

If you'd like to check out how your favorite grocery store is ranked, pick up September's issue of Consumer Reports.