Two Arrested in Reno Robberies

Reno Police Department
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An investigation into two parking lot robberies in Reno has led to the arrests of a woman and a man who turned out to be a "walk away" from a Nevada restitution center.

Leah Rosemary Brown, 25, and Richard Hightower, 22, were arrested Monday after officers found a car stolen in a July 31 robbery outside a drug store on Damonte Parkway, police said.

According to police, a woman had approached one victim outside a Wal-Mart store, but the woman fought back. The suspect struck her in the face with a handgun and left.

Another woman was robbed a short time later outside a Longs Drugs in the same shopping complex. The victim's purse and vehicle were stolen.

In both cases, police said the female suspect was accompanied by a male.

Police said Brown and Hightower were arrested Monday after officers found the stolen vehicle at an apartment complex.

Brown was charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon and grand larceny.

Hightower initially lied about his identity but later conceded to being a"walk away"from the Northern Nevada Restitution Center, police said. He was arrested on an escape warrant and one count of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.