Elko Mom Jailed For Child Neglect

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An Elko mother was jailed and her three children turned over to foster care after police said they found the kids locked in a house while she slept off an apparent drug binge.

Elko police were called to the apartment at 8th and Juniper streets Monday after getting a tip that the children were crying and couldn't get out of the home.

Officers had to break in the door to rescue a baby and two toddlers, ages 9 months and 3 years old, police told KELK Radio in Elko. They said the apartment was littered with garbage, drug paraphernalia and feces.

Officers said a rope had been used to fasten the doors and keep the children inside. The 9-month-old was confined to a playpen.

Based on statements from the mother, they believe the children had been left alone for about 16 hours.

Nicole Quijaqda, 20, faces felony charges for child abuse and neglect in addition to drug charges.

Investigators said they found evidence of what's believed to be marijuana and methamphetamine use. They've been unable to locate the children's father.

The mother's bail was set at $8,000.