Federal Fugitive Shot By Washoe Deputy

Washoe County Sheriff's Office
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A federal fugitive underwent surgery tonight after being shot by a Washoe County deputy during a car chase.

Twenty-three-year-old Keon Reed is wanted for several area robberies, along with federal weapons and escape charges.

He is in police custody, recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck.

This was his second attempt at fleeing from police. This morning Reed was stopped in Pleasant Valley with two other men riding in a stolen SUV.

They were arrested, but for Reed - his run from the law ended in gunfire.

Stunned shoppers stand outside the Target Store off South Virginia Street where, just minutes before, a car chase wove through the parking lot, led by 23-year-old Keon Reed.

The chase ended when he rammed a car in the parking lot. Casandra Shangle upset over the damage, but glad no one else was hurt. "I never would have thought that would've happened - I was having a nice time shopping."

Witnesses say Reed refused to give up.

"He was very out of it. Don't know if he was loaded but he wasn't following directions," says Randy Huntress.

Says Corinne Huntress: "He put it in reverse smashed the car behind then he went forward - police pulled out weapons at that point."

Police say an undercover deputy fired several shots, hitting Reed at least once in the neck.

"We do have a $50,000 warrant on him for robbing a check cashing facility," says Reno police lieutenant Ron Holladay.

Police say they had reason to believe Reed was armed and dangerous. He's wanted for at least five robberies, including one Monday at an Albertson's where he used a gun.

And just hours before this chase, he broke into a woman's home and stole her keys and car . . . now evidence in a multi agency investigation.

Investigators have not said whether Keon Reed was armed at the time of the shooting.

The deputy who fired the shots has not been identified as yet and it may never be because he is an undercover agent.

Right now he is on administrative leave until the investigation is finished.