$41,500 Settlement Reached in Dog's Euthanasia

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Carson City supervisors have authorized a $41,500 settlement to avert a lawsuit over city animal service's euthanasia of a dog in July.

The board voted 4-0 Thursday to approve the payment if the shih tzu's owner, Jeraldine Archuleta, waives her right to pursue legal action as expected.

Her lawyer, Cal Dunlap, released a statement praising the city's action and saying he and Archuleta have "accomplished (their) goals" with the settlement.

The Nevada Appeal reports Carson City officials maintained the case would have cost "substantially more" than $41,500 had the suit been filed.

Animal Services put the unlicensed dog down July 30, five days after it was impounded. Archuleta says she asked for more time to pay the $100.

The city also is being sued by the former animal services manager who says she was defamed and unfairly ousted from her job because of public outrage over the death.