Reno Teens Tackle Business World

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While most teens are enjoying their summer vacation, two young Reno entrepreneurs decided to launch a business.

After months of research, the computer consulting company, America Systems was born.

Mitch Cohen and Eliot Saeedi have known each other since middle school. Little did they know back then that they'd be much more than friends . . . they be business partners.

"What we do is computer repairs and computer services, Web site design and network management," Cohen said.

Four months ago the two began brain storming.

"We knew we could get the summer jobs at McDonalds flipping burgers. But, we figured why not try something else," said Cohen.

That something else was America Systems . . . a computer consulting firm that makes house calls.

But, the road to start the company wasn't easy.

"One of the most challenging things was getting the business aspect going," Saeedi said. "We knew we were good at computers, but just getting our name out there and getting people to trust such young fellas."

People are trusting these young fellas . . . so far they have almost 100 clients. Those clients they say are put first - even before their social life.

"We haven't been able to go out as much because we have been putting all our time and effort into the company," Saeedi said.

And they say the dedication dosen't end there as both have arranged their school schedules so, even when they go back to school, their customers will still be taken care of and so will the future of the company.

This pair says they see themselves on the cover of Time Magazine in 10 years . . . and it could be on news stands even sooner than that.

For more information on the teens and their company check out their website at www.America