Washoe School Police To Be Armed

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In a 4-2 vote Thursday, Washoe County school trustees authorized school police to carry firearms in order to protect students and staff.

Trustees Ann Loring and Nancy Hollinger dissented on the matter while Trustee Jody Ruggiero was absent.

At present, only the six command officers are armed. If situations dictate, officers much currently have the option of notifying the armed command officers or city police and sherriff deupties.

Currently, nine school police officer are stationed at high schools and the rest are assigned to patrol and handle calls at other schools.

Trustees Nancy Hollinger and Anne Loring dissented in the 4-2 vote. Trustee Jody Ruggiero was absent.

With current budget constraints, it was outlined that the training and supplies are expected to cost the school district $14,624. Additional costs and insurance are estimated at $20,700 annually.