California Fires Delaying Travelers in Reno

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You can hear people grumbling as they walk through the airport. Many we talked to are frustrated - some have been waiting since Sunday afternoon to catch their flights and some simply haven't been told when they'll be taking off.

One traveler said: "San Diego is closed and so is LA, so I don't know
what's going to happen."

And many still don't know what's going to happen or when they'll reach their destinations.

Dina Figone, who is headed to San Jose said, "They have no idea if the plane can leave Ontario - it's 2 hours from there to here and we're
looking at 8 o'clock (Sunday) before getting on a plane."

It seems Southwest Airlines has the worst delays and the airline has cancelled a total of 152 flights to Southern California airports.

Alaska Airlines has also cancelled some flights including at least one here in Reno. But, one passenger says she made it from LAX to Reno on Alaska without a hitch.

"It was packed, but actually it was moving pretty quickly - people were trying to get on their flights," said Corisha Smiley.

Southwest Airlines passengers weren't so lucky.

In fact, those headed from Reno to San Diego were out of luck completely as most flights were cancelled today and the rest were delayed.

"I'm going to fly to Phoenix to see my sister, cause I don't want to stay here," said one traveler.

That seems to be the consensus everywhere inside the airport. And there's still no word on when flights will get back to normal.

But we did check the Southwest Airlines website and the company is allowing customers travelling today and tomorrow and to rebook or receive a refund without penalty.