Campaign To Recall Guinn Loses Spokesman

Governor Kenny Guinn
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The effort to recall Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn has lost one of its top spokesmen, who says he's disenchanted with the leadership. And another key advocate of the recall doubts enough signatures will be gathered to force a recall election.

Sandy Harmon, who handled the public relations for The Committee to Recall Gov. Guinn, said Wednesday he has resigned because "the leadership sucks." Headed by political consultant Tony Dane, the group wanted to gather 128,000 signatures of registered voters.

Chris Hansen, one of the leaders in the recall effort, said Thursday he hasn't given up and is continuing to collect signatures. But he said, "I don't believe we can make it in the time left because of what the government did."

Hansen suggested the recall proponents will go to court to seek an extension of a Nov. 25 deadline, arguing that backers were initially prevented from setting up in government buildings to gather signatures.

Harmon complained he couldn't get any information on how the recall was progressing. He also complained that Hansen was making comments he shouldn't.

Hansen said there were disagreements from the start of the movement because Harmon "didn't seem to like my public persona," but he saw them as minor.

The latest count, disclosed about one month ago, amounted to about 12,000 signatures, far short of the necessary total to force a recall. When the recall started, backers said they'd shoot for 180,000 to make sure there were enough valid signatures.

Harmon said the effort "was cooking" after Guinn said there would be a major deficit in the budget in 2005 despite a record $836 million tax increase this year.