Reno Police Warn About Car Burglaries

Reno Police Department
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Reno police have released a photo of the man suspected in a rash of car burglaries this weekend from when the suspect used a stolen credit card.

A total of fifteen cars were hit and it all happened on Saturday.

Police say it's not unusual for a burglar to hit that many cars in a single day in a target area - and now they're warning other car owners to watch out.

The method used is called a smash and grab. Reno police say 15 cars fell victim to this type of burglary on Saturday in the Kings Row area near McCarran.

And police say these types of burglaries are usually crimes of opportunity. Sometimes the burglars don't even have to smash the window because people leave their doors unlocked and their wallets in plain sight.

"Take away the opportunity for crime - take all valuable out of the car - don't leave anything anyone would steal," says Lt. Ron Holladay.

"It was awful, somebody took out the window, took my stereo," says one victim, Darren Sica.

He was the victim of a burglary 10 years ago, now he has a new way to deter criminals. "I always make sure i carry my ,357 or .38 special."

But police say you don't have to arm yourself to be safe - just use common sense and keep your doors and windows locked.

We found a car in the burglary zone with both windows down . . .what police call a soft target.

One mom says she already heeds the advice - she even keeps her sons' backpacks out of sight when the car is parked.

In the meantime, police ask you to be on the lookout for the suspect - they say the burglar is 5 feet 10 inches tall, with brown hair and a tattoo on his right forearm.

A reward is being offered for help in the case. Call Secret Witness at 322-4900 if you have any information on the burglar.

A reward of $500 could be yours.