Korean War Memorial Dedicated

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Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

There has never been a memorial here in Nevada for the more than
36,000 Americans who lost their lives in that fight, and the more than 8,100 who are still unaccounted for - until now.

Finally, the area has recgnized this sacrifice with a Korean War Memorial that was dedicated in Sparks this Sunday morning.

The new memorial is at the Sparks Memorial Park - on the corner of "C" Street and Pyramid Way.

It is the first Korean War Memorial in Nevada . . . and it has been years in the making.

Dozens turned out for the dedication of the 8-foot tall memorial, including Congressman Jim Gibbons, who is a war veteran himself.

"Many people don't realize that nearly as many people lost their lives in the Korean War of three years as the Vietnam War of ten years," Gibbon said.

Said Korean vet Joseph Sam: "I think it's an honor to the Korean War vets to have a memorial".

And though it's been 50 years or more since some of these men stepped foot on Korean soil, the images and experiences of war are stamped in their memories.

"I came from Guam aboard a troops ship. I had my 18th birthday aboard a troop ship. I made a beach landing near Pugan. I was on the Pugan perimeter for over 13 months, " said vet Fred Williams.

Now there is something permanent for veterans to turn to in order to remember their sacrifices - and the sacrifices of the men and women who lost their lives fighting for freedom.

"They're getting to recognize us - the people and the public - the younger generation needs to know more about us," Williams said.

Though Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the
armistice that ended the Korean War, a formal peace treaty was never

So technically - the two Koreas are still at war.

And tensions have spiked again in the last year because North Korea is suspected of developing nuclear weapons.