Firefighters Keep Busy With Lighning Strikes

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Saturday was a very busy day for firefighters all over northern
Nevada and the Sierra.

Fire crews were sent to more than a dozen brush fires, all of which were believed caused by lightning.

Fortunately, most of these fires were less than two acres in size,
and the combination of rain and fast work by fire crews kept them from

But one fire near Silver City did get out of control early Saturday evening. It's called the American Flats fire.

The fire sparked right over a hill around 5:30. Crews say flames destroyed about 30 acres. A few homes were threatened Saturday but no evacuations were made.

So far there have been no injuries but one fire truck was burned
over with a crew inside.

A Lyon County Type III fire engine stalled and was burned over during the initial attack on the fire. The crew escaped unharmed. The engine was lost and an inter-agency investigation team is looking into the
cause of that incident.

"In a fire like this, when it hits the fuels that it has here. There's
an amount of confusion and communication. Our biggest concern was to make sure the crews were safe. We don't know how exactly it occurred," said Storey County Sheriff Pat Whitten.

On Sunday, fire officials reported the fire being 75% contained,
with full containment expected by 7:00 Sunday night.

Firefighting efforts were hampered by steep, rocky terrain and open mine pits.